Writers Resist is becoming Write Our Democracy.
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To best protect and defend against further erosion of social justice and democratic process, we believe there are three essential arenas in which writers can best exert influence and inspiration: we must elevate the narrative surrounding democracy; better educate young future citizens; and mobilize writers who want to put their pens into political practice.

Writers have always been activists. But the new models by which we communicate as a culture are transforming both the literary and activism landscapes. We must make our voices heard to be effective agents of change. We want to be sure that any writer who wants to be an activist for democracy and social justice will have the tools they need to be effective. We will be working to empower writers to increase their capacity to renew democracy.  

Future Citizens

Education is essential to social justice and the future of humanity. It’s imperative that future voters deeply understand the principles of democracy and develop the skills needed to be well informed, engaged citizens. We hope to collaborate with education professionals to develop additional K-12 initiatives to ensure that young people are well prepared for their future as voters in our democracy.


Words are the tools writers use to create change, but without readers what we write cannot come alive. Readers must be at the heart of this movement. We invite you to resist normalizing "alternative" truth and narratives that contradict the bedrock principles of our country. Resolve to seek out and share truth and initiate inspired conversations. Together we can shift the narratives that define our future and help recover democracy. On Fridays join us on social media with  the hashtag #Readers Resist and share prose passages, articles, photos, poems, or any written material that demonstrates the solace, resolve, and resistance so essential to renewing our democracy.

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