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Write Our Democracy is an initiative to gather writers in response to the growing public cynicism and the alarming disdain for truthfulness threatening to erode our most dearly held democratic principles. Originally launched as Writers Resist, the movement inspired nearly 100 worldwide events on January 15th, 2017, which mobilized writers and focused public attention on the ideals of a free, just, and compassionate democracy. These events will remain an important facet of our mission.

Our country was founded on brilliant writing. As writers, we have tremendous power to influence hearts and minds and impact policy. Together we can leverage that power in non-partisan, highly targeted ways to renew and amplify the core values of liberty, justice and respect that were written into the source code of our democracy. 


Our nation was intended to evolve, not devolve. To best protect and defend against further erosion of social justice and democratic process, we believe there are three essential arenas in which writers can best exert influence and inspiration: we must elevate the narrative surrounding democracy; better educate young future citizens; and mobilize writers who want to put their pens into political practice.

Our democracy is at risk, but its renaissance is within our grasp. The founders of our nation conjured and codified their magnificent political experiment using the very same tool that every writer alive today uses in their craft -- language. We are equally capable of using finely wrought phrases to inflame a renewed love for the principles that we hold dear in our quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.The time is at hand for us to put our skills to the test to Write Our Democracy.

Writers Resist is becoming Write Our Democracy.
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Writers Resist Things You Can Do
Writers Resist Local Events
Writers Resist Events
The flagship Writers Resist event, co-sponsored by PEN America, is being held on January 15, 2017, in New York City.


Prominent writers, including American poet laureates Robert Pinsky and Rita Dove, will gather on the steps of the New York Public Library to “re-inaugurate” their commitment to the fundamental principles of democracy.

Throughout the US and in other countries, writers are organizing their own Writers Resist events on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, January 15, 2017.

Invited speakers will read from a curated selection of diverse writers’ voices that speak to the ideals of Democracy and free expression. The public is encouraged to attend. Find an event.


Show Up

Check out our events list to find out where and when an event is happening near you.


Find a few other writers in your community and create your own re-inaugural.

We’ll help you.


Local events need sponsors and volunteers to get going. Find and get involved with an event near you.

Speak out

Conversations about civics and the principles of democracy are crucial. Talk to your friends and family about the future of democracy.


Soon we'll be posting writing prompts and opportunities for you to use the power of your pen to good influence.

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