Dear Friends,


We are sorry to announce that the Writers Resist: Write The Vote events currently scheduled for March 29th must now be postponed in light of the severe public health crisis in America. 


Our intention is to reorganize the events for the coming fall when hopefully the coronavirus is just an awful, anxious memory to us all.


This was a decision we made full of regret, but it was not ultimately a difficult choice. Given the impact that the virus is already having on medically vulnerable people, and the states of emergency being declared all throughout the country, we in good conscience could not move forward with the planned events. 


While some may choose within their own communities to proceed as planned, we ask that any events held on the 29th not be associated with Writers Resist until further notice. It goes against our ethics to participate in such gatherings at the present time.


Given that there’s still time plenty of time in future to reorganize, we strongly urge you not to proceed with an event that puts others at risk. If we all act with reasonable caution now, work together to contain the threat, thinking not just about ourselves but how our choices may affect our neighbors, the country’s business will return to usual that much more quickly.


We are hoping to reschedule the call to action for a date late September. We will, of course, keep organizers informed as we make this decision.  


Thank you in advance for your understanding and for all your good work in supporting Writers Resist’s mission. We look forward to seeing you at the events this fall. 

Please continue to check this site for updates about future events.  


With all good wishes to you and yours,


Erin Belieu, Keith Kopka and Erin Hoover, the Writers Resist team.