A Call to Action From Writers Resist

and Writers Against Trump


Dear Writers Resist Friends and other blessedly badass organizers,

We've been asked to collaborate with WRITERS AGAINST TRUMP on helping to to work on voter turn out for this massively critical election just a month away.

We’ve come up with a simple, easy call to action called VOTE PLAN PLEDGE, hoping to put your singular gifts as writers and organizers into excellent use. 

Based on research that tells us what moves those who aren't committed to voting as we are, people’s personal voter stories do more to get people to vote than anything else.

With this in mind we’re asking you to take three small steps today: 

1) contact people in your social network (locally or nationally) and explain briefly to them exactly how you plan to vote and why this election matters so much to you. Think about those who might not be paying as much attention as you do. Email, snail mail, phone call. Whatever feels right. It doesn’t need to be a novel. A couple sentences will do just fine.

We ask that you consider writing a quick note to anyone you can think of (we’re hoping each Vote Plan Pledger can think of 20 people to contact either locally or nationally) telling your story of how/why you vote and asking those you’ve contacted to consider doing the same to pass it on. 

2) We are also asking that people share versions of their story all over social media so that Writers Resist and Writers Against Trump can help amplify your personal message far and wide.Hashtags are #VotePlanPledge #WritersResist, #WritersAgainstTrump. 

And adding your location and other popular subject tags (#BLM, #CripTheVote, #VoteForYourLife) will help get the message out past your usual algorithm. 

3) Please go onto Twitter and Instagram and follow Writers Against Trump and Writers Resist @WriAgainstTrump and @writeRdemocracy are the the Twitter handles, and @writersagainsttrump is the handle on Instagram.

Easy peasy. But a lot of impact if we tell our stories to those who may not understand how precious their vote is, or why it matters to their lives and yours.

We know how tired we all are. Really. We know. We're multitasking so hard we can’t see straight with our usual jobs and trying not to leave anything in the locker room for voter turn out. 

But one last push to get everyone we know to the polls in the next three weeks and maybe we can actually save this democracy we love. Keith and I know we have to try. Please join us.

Contact thewriters@writersagainsttrump.org if you have specific questions, and we will do our very best to respond in a timely fashion. 

With All our Warmest Wishes To You and Your Family,

Erin Belieu and Keith Kopka
Writers Resist